Security matters

From penetration testing, reverse engineering and code protection to security tools development and consultations.



Penetration testing

We manually test your application the same way the attacker does. We can test your web applications as well as your desktop applications. You will be informed about all vulnerabilities we found, their impact on the overall security and ways to deal with them.


We can help you with securing your applications better. We focus on questions like: What are most common mistakes? What techniques does the attacker use? Where are potential vulnerabilities in your design? In the end you will have your product more secured against cracking, piracy and misuse.

Reverse engineering

We manually test your application the way the real attacker who want to crack and abuse your application does. This helps to reveal potential security flaws or weak spots. We will inform you about those problems with possibilities to how to handle them.

Code protection

We have experience with binary code protection against cracking, reverse engineering and abusing. We use our protection tools as well as other well known and tested tools.



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